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Archie Got Adopted

Little Archie was found roaming the streets on Labor Day weekend (9/5/2023), the day before heavy rains pounded Las Vegas. He was wet and covered in dirt, looking as though he’d been running for days. Scared, exhausted and hungry, he let us catch him.

We gave the little tangled mess a nice bath and a haircut, then took him promptly to the vet. Archie had no chip, and the vet estimated him to be no more than eight months old. To make sure he wasn’t sick from being homeless, we asked for a number of tests in addition to getting him up to date on his vaccines. We then put flyers up in the neighborhood and posted him all over social media, but no one came for the little boy. Luckily, we found a foster willing to keep him safe for a thirty-day hold period while we still waited for the original owner.

The foster family fell in love with Archie and decided to adopt him after the thirty days ended without him being claimed. We got him neutered, and off he went to live with his new forever family, including a matching little brother. We are so happy for little Archie and his happy ending!

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