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Coco got adopted

Coco came from a litter of six, in a small town outside of Las Vegas. On August 6th, we were called in to help transport her and her siblings and they were split between three other rescues that we collaborate with. At the time, Coco, our only rescue, was only sixteen-weeks old. We completely fell in love with this stunning puppy with beautiful hazel eyes and perfect, chocolate coat. After giving Coco her puppy shots, we found her an amazing foster mom who already owned a Labrador to keep Coco company and Coco seemed very happy in her new surrounding.

Two months later, Coco got spayed and we took her to an adoption event where she did great with meeting other pups and socializing. We had a few meet & greets that were unsuccessful, as we wanted Coco to have the best home possible. Our persistence paid off. On October 23rd, Coco met her perfect, forever family and is now living in a spacious, luxury home where she is adored. She is also happy to play and spend time with her new brother, Max - a wonderful Black Lab/Collie mix with lots of energy.

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