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Kibbles Adopted

Updated: Mar 7

Found as a stray on the streets of Las Vegas November 2023, was a beautiful pup named Kibbles - a cattle dog, blue heeler, and German shepherd mix. Abandoned and alone, he found himself confined within the cold walls of a shelter, his future uncertain amidst the overcrowding and fearful behavior that plagued the facility.

November 18th marked a turning point in Kibbles' story. Our Rescue arrived, their hearts brimming with compassion as they saw beyond Kibbles' fearful exterior to the gentle soul within. Kibbles was whisked away from the shelter. Foster care became his sanctuary—a haven where patience and understanding became the pillars of his transformation.

Day by day, Kibbles flourished under the guidance of his foster. Training sessions focused on easing his anxiety and reactivity, replacing fear with confidence and trust. Slowly but surely, Kibbles' once-timid demeanor began to fade, revealing the playful spirit ready to love again.

As weeks turned into months, a bond formed between Kibbles and his foster. It was a bond that transcended the barriers of fear and uncertainty, paving the way for a love that knew no bounds.

On Jan 2024 his foster, now deeply enamored with the dog made the decision to turn fostering into a permanent adoption.

With tears of joy and hearts overflowing with love, Kibbles was officially welcomed into his forever home. His name was changed to Kolohe—a testament to the spirited nature that had captured his foster's heart.

And so, in the warmth of his new home, surrounded by love and acceptance, Kolohe found solace. No longer a stray facing the uncertainty of the streets, his days are filled with endless love, joy, and the freedom to be his true, spirited self.

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