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Miko Adopted

Miko, a lively Alaskan Husky with striking blue eyes and a unique apricot-colored coat, came to us as one of our veteran dogs. We called him Dennis the Menace due to his boundless energy and mischievous nature. At just one year old, Miko needed long hikes, walks, and constant attention. A last-minute save from the shelter, Miko was not happy there, and we knew we had to rescue him, unaware of the whirlwind he would bring into our lives.

He stayed with my best friend foster, where we could spend lots of time with him, taking him hiking and enjoying his playful company. Miko's tall, elegant build and vibrant personality turned heads everywhere he went. Despite his charm, Miko's antics—jumping walls, running away, eating trash, and stealing clothes—led to two adopters returning him. We understood his clever ways and suspected he was acting out to come back to us.

After five months of showing Miko off, we received a call from the perfect family. They had a similar Husky with the same look and behavior and were specifically searching for an apricot-colored Husky like Miko. The connection was instant, and Miko quickly bonded with his new brother, making it a match made in heaven.

We still visit Miko periodically and miss him dearly, but we are thrilled that he finally found the right fit. His new family understands and loves him just as much as we do, and we couldn't be happier for our best boy, Miko.

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