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Ruby Adopted

Ruby's story began on a crisp December morning in 2023 when she was discovered wandering alone in a local park. The beautiful and intelligent dog followed people around, her eyes full of hope, as she searched for someone to take her home. A kind-hearted passerby recognized Ruby's need and picked her up, reaching out to our rescue for help.

When Ruby arrived at the rescue, she quickly captured everyone's hearts. Her sweet nature and friendly demeanor made her a perfect companion. She got along with all the other dogs and children she met, and her intelligence shone through in her eagerness to learn.

The person who found Ruby was also a trainer and offered to work with her while the search for her owners continued. Although they tried their best to locate her previous family, no one came forward to claim her. So, Ruby moved on to a new chapter in her life.

A wonderful foster family welcomed Ruby with open arms, and she quickly settled into her new surroundings. The young boy in the family instantly fell in love with Ruby the moment they met. He adored her playful and gentle spirit, and Ruby seemed to reciprocate the affection, becoming a beloved part of the family.

After receiving all her necessary vaccinations and a spay, Ruby thrived in her foster home. Her sweet demeanor won over everyone, and she formed a strong bond with her new family. The children adored her, and Ruby seemed to find happiness in her new life.

A month later, the foster family approached the rescue with a heartfelt request: they wanted to make Ruby a permanent part of their family. She finally had the safe, caring family she deserved, and they were grateful to have such a sweet and intelligent companion in their lives

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