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Sterling got adopted

In July 2023, Lost & Found Animal Foundation was contacted by a wonderful couple regarding a young Pit Bull named Sterling who spent much of his life in a very small kennel that he outgrew over time. As he was never walked and was crammed in a tight space daily, Sterling developed mobility issues and could hardly walk. Concerned about Sterling and his quality of life, the couple asked if we could find him a new permanent home and offered to foster him in the meantime. At 70 pounds, Sterling still needed vaccines and neutering, so we immediately took care of his medical needs before we began searching for people willing to give Sterling a new chance in a loving environment where he could thrive. Because of his size and breed, it took a bit of time to match him to the right family, but in the end Sterling was lucky!

Today, Sterling is living his best life yet in a wonderful home without any crates to confine him. On August 28th, he was formally adopted by a loving couple who will cherish and care for him for the rest of his life. We are so happy for Sterling and his new family!

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